New York Schools Cited as Among the Best in the Nation

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According to the National Education Association, the New York schools have made significant strides in academic achievement over the past few years. In a nationwide comparison, the New York schools have improved student achievement, as well as the schools themselves. Though issues remain that challenge the New York educators, parents and the community can be assured that the New York schools are doing everything in their power to remedy these.

Students Are Achieving

Essential scoring on the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) exam has risen for the New York schools.

Fourth grader reading scores have risen by 26 percent between 1992 and 2003 for those students scoring in the highest two levels.

Writing scores have increased in the NY schools, making them among the nation’s best. Fourth graders now rank third in the nation on the NAEP, while eighth graders increased scoring by 43 percent between 1998 and 2002 in the highest two levels of the exam.

Math scores also have improved. Fourth grader scores nearly doubled between 1992 and 2003 at the two highest levels of the exam. Eight grader scores more than doubled at the highest two levels between 1990 and 2003.

The public New York schools have outperformed the private ones on Advanced Placement exams, courses through which high school students may earn college credit. Students attending public schools score higher in calculus, computer science, and physics.

College Entrance Exam scores have improved. More NY schools students are getting high scores on the SAT exam. Graduating seniors also have increased their scores on the math portion of the SAT by 28 percent since 1994, with a high score being 600 or above. Additionally, the New York schools are one of the top ten states, with high school graduates scoring in the top 20 percent nationally on the ACT and SAT exams.

More New York schools students are college bound! The schools in New York are among the top eight states in the percentage of 18-24 year olds enrolling in college. This is good news for parents, the communities, and the businesses in New York.

New York Named One of Smartest States

New York has been named one of ten “smartest states” in the nation for its quality public elementary and secondary schools. Education Week gives the New York schools a grade of “A” (97 out of 100) for the high standards and accountability of the public schools.

Advanced Placement coursework is offered by 85 percent of the public schools, while only 60 percent of private schools offer them in the New York schools.

The New York students take more advanced coursework. The schools in New York are among the top eight states in percentage of high school students taking upper level math courses and among the top ten states for advanced science coursework taken.

The schools in New York are leading the nation in cutting edge Foreign Language Immersion Programs (FLIP). They are among the top ten states nationally in the percentage of public elementary schools offering FLIP coursework.

Quality teachers also push the New York schools in front of other states, with their middle and high school teachers among the most qualified in the nation.. The number of school teachers in New York that are nationally certified by the prestigious National Board of Testing Standards has nearly tripled since 2000. Math teachers with majors in their field for the seventh through twelfth grades place the schools in New York among the top eight states, with similarly-qualified science teachers for the same grades placing the schools in New York among the top seven states.

Lastly, the schools in New York provide at least one computer for instruction for every 4.2 public school students.

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